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Story Patterns: THE BIG LIE

Story Patterns: The BIG LIE

While You Were Sleeping story breakdown

More lessons from holiday movies

Level up your writing - with holiday movies!

The Holiday: Story Structure Breakdown

Story Structure Patterns: What KIND of Story is It?

Nanowrimo Now What?

The Three-Part Act III

Nanowrimo: The Thanksgiving coma

Nanowrimo Week 3: The Downward Spiral

The Two-Part Act II - Nanowrimo Week 3

Nanowrimo: MIDPOINT

Nanowrimo Week 2 — Essential Elements

Nanowrimo: What's the EXPERIENCE?

Trans high school student barred from role in school play

Nanowrimo Week 2: Team, Training, Tests

The PLAN - the road map of your book or script!

Character Arc: Inner & Outer Desire

Nanowrimo Day 3: Something BIG has to happen

Character checklist

Nanowrimo Day 1: If you're stuck, skip ahead!

Act I links for Nanowrimo Week 1

Nanowrimo: 10 Essential Elements of Act I

Is my story idea BIG enough? (What is High Concept?)

What's Your PREMISE? — Identifying the ACTION LINE of your story

Preptober: Getting & Expanding on the IDEA

Preptober and Nanowrimo

Pitching tips from Bloody Scotland - and a poll

Writing Act III: Essential Elements & Useful Tricks

Writing Act III: Essential Elements & Useful Tricks

Focusing on the TEAM

Use that Back to School energy for your writing!

Writing Your Act III: THE CASTLE

Act III: The New Plan

The third quarter drop-dead

SELMA Story Analysis

Nailing Your Act II Climax

Your Act II Climax: The Dark Night and the Dawn

Your Protagonist's GHOST or WOUND

Act II: Part II — Visit to the Goddess

Is your book written yet?

Act II: Part 2 — The Dark Forest

Q & A - Useful answers to common writing questions

The Clash of Inner and Outer Desire

Inner Desire vs. Outer Desire: Examples

Into Act II: Part 2 - The Downward Spiral

Creating the Downward Spiral


Looking ahead to Act III: The Castle

Creating Love Triangles/Second Love Interests

Brainstorm Your Book or Script with Index Cards

World Building: Your Collage Book

What KIND of story is it? (A Star is Born: Daisy Jones & the Six, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Babylon)

Act II: Part 1 —Team, Training, Tests

MIDPOINT - the tentpole of your book or script!

Act II: Part 1 —Essential Elements, cont.

Act II: Part 1 - What’s the EXPERIENCE of Your Book?

Essential Elements of ACT II: PART I

Act II, Part I: Into the Special World

World Building: Ordinary World & Special World

Is AI the end of writers—or the end of humanity?

The PLAN - the road map of your book or script!

Writing a Synopsis — that sells!

What is your main character WRONG about?

Creating Your Main Character

And the winner is: Everything Everywhere All At Once

What's your PREMISE? (Part 1)

The Index Card Method & Story Structure Grid

Creating Character Arc

Get the workbooks!

Unforgettable Character Introductions

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Act II:1

Inciting Incident: Something has to happen, immediately

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Story Breakdown

Creating Your Main Character: Special Skills or Superpowers

Ten Romantic Movies- to help you write your book!

Act and Sequence Climaxes breakdown

Nailing Your Act I

Screenwriting Tricks message board

2022-2023 Movie roundup

What’s the best thing I can do right now?

The Master List

Fall in Love With Story Structure

The Three-Act, Eight-Sequence Structure

SELMA analysis, for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

DON'T start a new book! Finish the old one!

IMPORTANT: Debut Dagger crime writing competition

15 minutes of writing per day equals a book

The Hunger Games, Act III breakdown