I'm Alexandra Sokoloff.

I'm a million-selling, Thriller Award-winning author and screenwriter.

And I teach a workshop all over the world (and now online) that helps writers write better books and scripts - by learning from the movies.

Come jump-start the book you've always wanted to write while we watch some great movies!

Alexandra Sokoloff is the million-selling, award-winning author/screenwriter of fourteen crime and supernatural thrillers. The NY Times calls her books "Some of the most original and freshly unnerving work in the genre." Her Thriller Award-nominated Huntress Moon series follows a haunted FBI agent on the hunt for a female serial killer, turning hated tropes of violence against women inside out. She is also the author/teacher of the internationally acclaimed Stealing Hollywood workbooks, workshops, and blog. She lives in Los Angeles and in Scotland.

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

Alex is an internationally acclaimed story structure teacher and workshop leader. She has presented her Screenwriting Tricks for Authors workshop for conferences such as Left Coast Crime, Thrillerfest, Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, Bloody Scotland, the Scottish Association of Writers, PASIC, YARWA, and numerous small conferences and weekend retreats throughout the US and UK, and has taught film story structure at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

Alex’s extensive background in theater, screenwriting and novel writing makes her uniquely qualified to teach story. Film structure is easily adaptable to novel writing and her emphasis on taking inspiration from favorite movies to unlock the secrets of story structure resonates with writers of all levels of experience.

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Alexandra Sokoloff
Million-selling, Thriller Award-winning author and screenwriter, workshop leader of the Screenwriting Tricks for Authors workshops and books.